Mountain, water, forest, roadway,
A single maple,
The one true Way

In ancient times, a knock at a Buddhist centre's gate was met with silence. The boundary between sacred and the everyday life was clear and difficult to breach. Now, the Buddha-way is the open way. Here in Renfrew County, we welcome you, the curious and seeking, the experienced and the new, to our place of practice. There is a seat for you and a compassionate hand to help you discover the teachings and practices of all the Buddhas.

We have designed this site to reflect the three foundations of Buddhist practice -

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Please explore our site and, if you are able, explore our centre in Renfrew. Click the Contact Page to receive directions.

What Is The Red Maple Sangha?

The Red Maple Sangha is a congregation of Buddhist practice, committed to presenting and supporting authentic, skillful and socially responsible Buddhist practice in Renfrew County, Ontario. View our History

RMS is a lay community rather than a monastic one. We view ourselves within the Buddhist tradition of "temple Buddhism" serving and supporting practitioners in the local community. We are lead by Rev. Innen Ray Parchelo, an authorised Tendai priest.

We share a set of committments:

  • The traditional Bodhisattva Vows
  • The Eight Lay Precepts
  • The Red Maple vow

We strive to build, support and serve an active lay community of and for Dharma practitioners and their families. While we acknowledge the importance of Awakening within our practice, we also acknowledge the necessity of a strong community to energize individual practice. We ensure our activities include opportunities for non-practicing family members, and those of all faith-traditions to enjoy the benefits of community. Further, we recognize ourselves within the larger non-Buddhist world and bring our compassion and skill to promoting Buddhist values to the beings with whom we share this environment.

Our Tendai Lineage

We support an open, year-round practice space for anyone, regardless of their faith orientation, who wishes to learn and practice in a Dharma environment. Our style, Tendai, is often called "eka-yana", the unifying or harmonious path, since we value and employ multiple practice methods..

We encourage all practitioners who participate in any RMS activity to explore the Dharma widely and define a form of practice that suits their energy, understanding and strengths. There is a saying that there are "84,000"ways to practice. Our events and services provide practitioners at all levels opportunities, although probably not 84,000, to explore Buddhist forms that suit their growth.

The RMS currently holds regular weekly periods of practice and regular retreats and workshops.

The Red Maple Sangha aligns itself with the Tendai lineage, an East Asian tradition that emerged in China and Japan about 1200 years ago. We are the home sangha for Tendai Canada and affiliated with the international Tendai sangha through The Tendai Buddhist Institute, the centre for Tendai Buddhist practice in North America.

Red Maple is proud to be partnered with two other Tendai groups, The Heart of Whitewater Practice Group in Pembroke, Ontario, and the White Birch Tendai Practice Group, lead by Jichin George Doyle -Bedwell, in Halifax, N.S.


~ om namu amida butsu